Published on April 19, 2022

Vlog Ep.112 – Week 42/52 – October – 2016
Hello you! This week was a bit of a busy one for Jade and I. We kicked off with a mid-week trip to Birmingham to see Jeremy Loops and his band perform at the O2 Institute.

This is my second time at the O2 Institute since we’ve been back to the UK – the first time was for Hoodie Allen – and quite liking it as a venue. I’m usually someone who loves getting in the crowd and going crazy but I’ve enjoyed just hanging back on the little balcony. Plus, it makes it much easier to vlog when you’re not being bumped all over the place!

Friday night wuickly came around and Jade had booked a bunch of tickets for us at a Bavarian night at Conkers. I pretty much had no idea what a Bavarian night was but I knew it would be a good laugh even if it ended up being rubbish!

Well.. It was awesome! So many laughs and so many silly moments combined with fun music and decent food. It was a really great night which actually doesn’t look as fun in the vlog. It was really one of those things that you have to experience for yourselves, so if you get the chance: do it!

After recovering from a night of silliness and laughter I thought it’d be a nice idea to carve some pumpkins with the family for Halloween. Jade found out about a place where we could pick our own and – having never seen a pumpkin grown before, let alone pick one – I was well up for doing it.

We arrived, it was really busy and… the pumpkin patch had been wrecked! It looked like we had arrived about 6 months too late and there was little chance of us getting some pumpkins to carve. Luckily a local Sainsburys managed to fill the pumpkin shaped hole in our lives and we carved them up instead.

A little silly, a lot of fun – that was our week, how was yours?

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Location – Birmingham, England




Shot on Canon S120


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