Download Jeremy Loops – Down South ft. Motheo Moleko (Drum Cover)

Published on May 17, 2022

Instagram: Calvin_Bakelaar

**Disclaimer** This song is the copyrighted property of the band , and their labels, I am using it under entertainment purposes only. No profit is gained or lost from me using this song in my video. Please enjoy!

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My Kit: Crush sublime E3, 10, 12, 16″ toms, 22″ bass, 14″ snare, stock heads

My cymbals include a full set of zildjian A customs:
14″ Sabian AAX stage hats
18″ Projection Crash
19″ Projection crash
22″ Ping ride
20″ Sabian Vault ride
*10″ ZXT trashformer

Recording equipment
Shure PGDMK 4-pack on drums
2 Samson CO2 Overheads
SM-57 on snare
Presonus Firestudio Audio Interface

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