Enjoy Waterparks – FUNERAL GREY (Official Music Video)

Published on May 29, 2022

Waterparks – FUNERAL GREY (Official Music Video)

Director: Erik Rojas and Awsten Knight
Executive Producers: Galileo Mondol and Lopes
Producer: Nour Sayeh
Production Manager: Tali Weizman
DP: Mike Koziel
1st AC: Mike Tursi
Photo BTS: Jawn Rocha
Video BTS: Ryan Schaefer and Nick Gray
Key Grip: Israel Sandoval
BBG: Devin Conner
Gaffer: Jorge Hernandez
BBE: Mitch Storey
Production Designer: Lucy Brown
Art Production Assistant: Cyndal Mckay
Production Assistant: Natalle Jastrow
Production Assistant: Bryan Jones
HMU: Alex Galindo
Wardrobe: Josh Madden
Casting: Mill Ticket Entertainment

Performed by Waterparks
Produced by Awsten Knight, Julian Bunetta & Zakk Cervini
Addition Production by Jared Poythress
Mixed by Zakk Cervini at MDDN Studios, Los Angeles
Engineer/Mix Assistant: Nik Trekov
Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound

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11pm she walked in with her friends
And now I’m tripping off the deep end
So call me a Lyft or a black hearse
‘Cause I know you’ll make my head spin, yeah.

I said “what’s your favorite color” she pointed at her waist
And I said “that’s not a color, it’s a shade”
She said “don’t disagree with me”
And then

She walked away
I didn’t get her name
I can’t explain
The look on her face
She wore a sweater
In summer weather, yeah
She wore a sweater
It was funeral grey
And now it’s killing me
I just want you to be
My next mistake
That I’m gonna make
She wore a sweater
In summer weather, yeah
She wore a sweater
It was funeral grey

3AM she walked in, took a hit
I said “that shit is gonna kill you”
She kinda smiled and she blew it in my face
And said “well, now you’re gonna die too”

I said that you can call me, beep me,
If you want my skin
She rolled her eyes and then she said
“I know your dying wish is to be baptized in my spit”

Float my way
I’m melting for you

#Waterparks #FUNERALGREY

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