Get Wavemaker In a Goldfish Tank?

Published on June 22, 2022

Should you add a wavemaker in a goldfish tank?

A controversial topic. Many would argue that strong currents from wavemakers will put undue stress on fancy goldfish since they are not ‘good swimmers’.

They are not wrong, prior to the Sunsun 2.5 Watt JVP-110 model currently installed, I had the JVP-101 6 Watt (take note the difference in the model number). The moment I turned it on, I knew it was way too strong.

The Sunsun JVP-110 mini wavemaker not only produces a gentle current that can be easily overcome by my goldies, it helps circulate the poop off the sand bed and into my filter intakes at the back of the tank.

Since my wavemaker is pointed at the front glass panel of the tank, the current is felt by the goldies only when they swim close to the glass.

In my opinion, it is important to have not only a tank that’s at least 2.5 feet long, but also a wide one so the goldies can ‘step out’ of the current should it choose to by swimming towards the rear of the tank.

Plants can be strategically placed in front of the wavemaker to reduce the current if required.

I trust you know best to observe and decide if your goldies are OK with a wavemaker.

Worse case scenario, if your goldies clearly can’t cope with it, simply remove it. Or if they seem fine but you want to make sure, turn it off in the evenings and plug it in again in the morning.

A very affordable product at only SGD$8 – SGD$12.

Link to product on Shopee:

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